Advertising's dirty word

Selling. Mention it and creatives sulk. Client service people panic and leave the room to smoke. Brand strategists wince.

Let's face it - talking `brand' is more fun. And it's easier to do.

But we believe selling is a reality to be embraced. Not something to be done instead of brand-building, but alongside it.

Growth is possible. But you have to take market share from someone! Or let them take it from you. We believe we've learnt how to push the sales buttons across all media.

Revere the brand, $*#! the product.

We've helped marketers...

...Scratch beneath the facade of their brands to find merchandisable offers based on real consumer insights.

...Synthesise offer, distribution, and consumer insight to drive product innovation.

...Add power to their offers by forming alliances with relevant third parties.

...Find fresh channels of distribution and communication into existing and new markets.

...Craft relevant and valued customer retention and cross sell programmes.

What we bring to a partnership

  • Fresh marketing insight, ideas and objectivity to business units looking for new energy and direction.
  • Enthusiasm for creating leads, pushing distribution and driving sales.
  • Experience ranging from the desperate days of project start-ups through to the establishment of significant market share.
  • As much an appetite for solving business issues as for advertising and promotion.